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Renting a Car on a Budget

Looking for a car rental is what most people want to do when they are traveling and are not able to get around easily by public transportation. Many car rental companies boast of having reasonable prices for mid-sized cars, but I have not found that to be true. I have found some strategies that bring the price down to make it more affordable.

When looking for a car hire, I first use whatever discounts I have from membership in my automobile association and professional organizations. I call the car rental company and ask the customer service representative for the best deal I can receive with those memberships. Then I ask if they are running any specials. I make notes on these prices and the types of cars available and say I will call back.

My next step is to search the Internet for discount coupons for car rentals. There are many sites that offer free coupon codes that can upgrade the rental car or discount the entire cost by 10 - 20 percent. Shopping for a budget car rental can be fun if you look at finding these coupon codes as a game - a game in which you will be saving money.

The next thing I do when looking for a budget car hire is to go online to the various car rental company sites and put in different rental time periods and types of cars in the search boxes and apply my discount codes and see how I may get the best savings. Sometimes renting a car for a longer period of time saves money. Sticking to a budget when hiring a car is possible. It takes a little time and effort, but make it a savings game and you will be pleased with your efforts.