Mt Warning
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Find Peace By Connecting With Nature

With all the noise and stress that comes with everyday life, taking a break every now and then is something that is considered something of a necessity. Connecting with nature is important because it gives us the kind of peace that we cannot get from any other source. Because human beings have been created with the purpose of being attuned to nature, we tend to find the greatest joys when we are nestled in the lap of nature.
The benefits of being close to nature can be gained by engaging in activities such as taking a walk in the park, hiking in the mountains or exploring lush forests. At Mount Warning, you get to witness beautiful sights and breathe in the clean, unadulterated air of the mountains. Not only do you witness the loveliest flora in the form of wild berries and mushrooms growing on trees, you also get to view beautiful birds and animals that have made this mountain their home, such as the owl, Albert's lyrebird and spotted tail quolls.
You can connect with nature on a deep level when you go for a long walk along the mountain trails. Many people prefer to take such walks in solitude so that they can be one with nature and fully enjoy the sights and sounds that it has to offer. When one goes through a lot of stress in his or her life, getting away from the chaos and finding peace with nature is the most preferred solution.
There are no words to describe the awe-inspiring sight that you see once you reach the summit of Mount Warning. When you go at the peak of dawn, you can sit and watch the majestic sunrise. Moreover, the beautiful landscape sprawled out before you is surely a sight to behold. Being in such closeness with nature grants a person utter joy and an unparalleled feeling of peace.